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 You can’t even sing or play an instrument So you just scream instead♪

 Lenny Kravitzレニー・クラヴィッツ)の4thアルバム『Circus』(1995年9月12日リリース。全米10位・全英5位)の1曲目"Rock And Roll Is Dead"。シングルチャートで全米75位・全英22位のヒット。

・Lenny Kravitz - Rock And Roll Is Dead



Lenny Kravitz -『Circus』収録曲リスト
1. "Rock and Roll Is Dead"
2. "Circus"
3. "Beyond the 7th Sky"
4. "Tunnel Vision"
5. "Can't Get You Off My Mind"
6. "Magdalene"
7. "God Is Love"
8. "Thin Ice"
9. "Don't Go and Put a Bullet in Your Head"
10. "In My Life Today"
11. "The Resurrection"
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